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What Are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

Is your gym closed down resulting in a dire need for movement? Are you stuck in your home afraid to leave… but still in pain? Are you scared about spreading this virus, but want to be working on yourself during this time of isolation?

This current situation we are finding ourselves in puts a damper on our ability to communicate person to person. For those in pain, fighting with a body limitation, or simply a lack of ability to get in exercise, what are the options for relief?

The answer is telemedicine. You may have heard of this term before, basically it is when your medical professional, in my case a doctor of physical therapy (PT), gets on a video call with you to discuss your concerns. Since most people don’t really know what a PT can do for them, I thought this would be a good time to write on that to see if you might benefit from a tele-health consultation with a PT.

Physical therapists are movement specialists. What exactly is a movement specialist you may be asking? We are trained to help maximize a patient’s body to help them do the activities that bring them joy. We maximize the body in a variety of ways, some of which I will state below.

  1. We do an assessment to find the root cause of pain so we can help get you out of pain.
  2. We help develop cardiovascular training programs.
  3. We look at work and home environments to see how they may be affecting your body.
  4. We help develop flexibility programs.
  5. We help develop a program to help you build strength so that you can stay injury-free while you are doing the things you enjoy.
  6. We help you make modifications to your life that may be having ill effects on your body.
  7. We lend a caring ear to listen to your story and create an alliance with you to help you achieve your movement related goals.

The human experience relies heavily on what your body is capable of doing. In every scenario we cope with as humans, there is some aspect of our physical being that we have to rely on to help us succeed at our tasks. Tasks can be work related such as sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, being on your feet, bending, lifting, twisting. It can relate to the hobbies you enjoy, such as golfing, running, fishing, playing with your grand-kids, traveling.

We have all been in situations that our body has let us down. This could be where pain has limited our ability to do the things we have to do. This can be from our outward appearance and how it makes us think of ourselves, it can be from our energy levels or even from the inability to count on our bodies to perform tasks that we value.

I find so much value as a PT in listening to a person’s story and helping them reach their movement related goals. Those goals for some are very different from others. I have helped a golfer who has not played golf in 4 years to get back out on the course pain free. I have helped a mom who sprained an ankle get back to competing in triathlons, I have helped a young dad be able to throw a ball with his son in his backyard without pain, I have helped people lose weight, gain more energy and look at themselves in the mirror and feel proud of their new lifestyle.

If you find yourself in any one of the above scenarios you are probably scared and confused. You may be thinking that you had no idea a PT could do all of those things. You may still not be convinced that I can help you or fearful of how much it is going to cost.

You can put all of those fears aside and just hop on with me on a tele-health visit for 30 minutes. I call them a discovery visit. You will discover a few things on this visit:

  1. What is going on
  2. What needs to be done to help you reach your goals
  3. How much time and money it will cost you
  4. What you can do at home to try to get help on your own

Here is a link to my contact page. <——— This is the link!

You can fill out your information and let me know how I can help you. I will reach out to you in a few days after I read your responses.

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