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Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world! You may be getting some wear and tear on your body as a result of your new found enthusiasm. Staying Pickleball strong and on top of your game with our resources and personalized physical therapy plans to keep you pain free and performing well.

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  • Prevent Injury

    Prevention is always better than healing, so utilize our effective physical therapy techniques and learning materials to strengthen and protect your body!

  • Recover from Injury

    No need to wait on the sideline and watch all of your friends enjoy pickleball! Recover from injury through our top rehab techniques designed for all levels of players.

  • Reduce Pain

    Stop pain from progressing from a minor annoyance to a major inferno. Utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic methods designed specifically for pickleball players, we provide relief for all body region pain symptoms!

  • Improve Performance

    Our programs help you to improve your pickleball game by optimizing your bodies ability to perform to its peak and stay injury free. 

Enhance Your Pickleball Game!

Are you plagued with nagging injuries that keep you from enjoying PB? Do you have a 10 minute routine of applying biofreeze pain creme and then bracing your self from head to toe before you play? Are you on ice and hobbling for a day or two after you play? Do you know you have to do something, but don’t want to take meds or have surgery? You’re in luck! Your PB PT is here.

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Stay Nimble, Stay Competitive

Giving you the edge on the court while keeping you healthy and pain free begins with simple but effective warm up exercises and preventative techniques. Below, we have some helpful resources aimed at different parts of your body to aid you in staying in shape for your next match!

Low Back

Elbow Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Mid Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain

Hand & Wrist

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