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Herniated Disc in Neck Treatment

What is it, What Causes it, and How is it Treated?

A Physical Therapy Solution

A herniated disc can cause inflammation and irritation to the surrounding nerves. Fortunately, there are many non-surgical methods that can help with herniated discs in the neck as well. These include physical therapy treatment and chiropractic care, which can work well together to eliminate your symptoms and get you back on your feet again!

What is a herniated disc in the neck?

A herniated disc occurs when some of the interior material inside a spinal disc pushes out through a crack or tear in its surrounding outer wall. This can cause pain that radiates from your neck down your arm. A herniated disc can also cause numbness or weakness in your hand or fingers.

What causes a herniated disc in the neck?

A herniated disc in your neck can develop for a number of reasons. If you spend long hours at a computer or hunched over doing repetitive work like carpentry or assembly-line work, you may injure your spine by putting pressure on spinal discs.

This can cause one to rupture or protrude from its normal place between vertebrae. One common site for a cervical disc to herniate is at C5-C6 due to long periods of time driving with poor posture.

Ways to Treat a Herniated Disc in the Neck

In most cases, a herniated disc (also called a slipped disc) can be treated with non-surgical means.

Typically, first-line treatments include physical therapy and pain medications. In more severe cases, doctors may recommend injections of corticosteroids into or around their cervical vertebrae.

Surgery for a cervical herniated disc is usually reserved for patients who have failed all other treatment options or are too ill to receive them.

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Avoid Invasive Procedures

At Pinnacle PT we aim to get you relief without the need for medications, injections, or surgery!

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