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Wellness Services

Addressing Your Specific Needs

& Improving Your Overall Wellness

Pinnacle welcomes patients with varying needs. From post-surgery or injury to fitness or performance goals, we’re here to enhance your health, educate you about physical movement, and alleviate pain. We’re uniquely positioned to help you become your best and healthiest self. 

What Wellness Services Does Pinnacle Provide?

Despite being known for their expertise in rehabilitation, physical therapists are also well-positioned to assist individuals and populations in enhancing their overall health and preventing avoidable conditions. Physical therapists can play various roles, including providing education, offering direct interventions, conducting research, advocating for patients, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals. 

  • Health Education

  • Fitness & Exercise Programs

  • Injury Prevention

  • Pain Management

  • Fall Prevention

  • Stress Reduction

Can I Be Seen for Wellness Services?

Pinnacle welcomes new patients and offers several options to add to your health journey. Whether improving your wellness means successfully healing from an injury or building muscle strength and endurance, we have the support you seek. Our team is experienced and caring. We’ll build you a personalized plan.

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How Can We Help?

Regardless of your goals or situation, Pinnacle possesses the knowledge and techniques to ensure your overall wellness.

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