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Hip pain can be an extremely painful experience, especially when chasing after your little ones or tackling a busy day. Not to mention the fact hip pain often presents itself as pain within your groin, thighs, or knees. To get on the path to recovery, visit Pinnacle Physical Therapy for personalized care.

What is Hip Pain?

Hip pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems including trauma, muscle overuse, sprains, arthritis, and more. Hip pain typically gets worse with physical activity and can lead to a limp. Hip pain can also present itself as pain in the thighs, groin, buttocks, or as a radiating lower body pain.

How Can We Help?

To treat your hip pain, Pinnacle Physical Therapy will first conduct a full body evaluation to create a plan that’s right for you! Your hips are connected to your low back and knees. Both of those areas also need to be assessed to treat all the impairments that may be contributing to your pain; Regional Interdependence is the concept of looking in the vicinity of pain to find the root cause of the problem.

Get a Full Body Evaluation

Get started on your hip care by scheduling a full body evaluation! Your PT will take a thorough history, analyze your movements, and educate you on their findings to create a holistic healing plan for you.

Understanding Your Hip Pain

During your first visit, our physical therapy team will examine your movements and ask questions regarding your medical history to pinpoint the root cause of the pain.

Treating Your Hip Pain

After determining the cause of your pain, your physical therapist will develop a custom plan that includes goals and milestones to keep you on the path to recovery.

On-Going Care

To supplement your clinic visits, your physical therapist will create an exercise plan for you to do at home to speed up your path to recovery.

Common Hip Conditions


Arthritis in the hip can seriously impact mobility and is caused by degeneration of cartilage within the hip.

Hip Bursitis

Hip Bursitis is a chronic hip pain affecting the outer hips and can induce pain when standing, walking, or running.

Hip Impingement

Hip impingement is characterized by stiffness and pain and it occurs when the ball-and-socket joint does not glide smoothly.

Hip Labral Tears

Hip labral tears occur when the tissue holding the ball-and-socket joint together is torn. This often results in pain when walking or exercising.

Complex Hip Pain

Complex hip pain often results from a failed hip replacement. This can lead to extreme pain, especially within the groin and knees.


Our Relieved Clients



Google Reviews

hip pain patient at pinnacle physical therapy


“After just my second visit, I felt pain-free!”

“I had sought help for my hip in the past from my general practitioner, asking for Cortisone shots.  I was told that was not a good option for me and my situation. I set up my initial consultation with Brian and was extremely pleased with his concentration and focus on my symptoms in the search for relief for me.  Brian spent about an hour and a half talking with me and observing me doing certain exercises. He then recommended some activities/exercises/stretches to help my specific hip issue. After just my second visit, I felt pain-free! I have a big trip coming up and my goal was to be able to walk comfortably. Brian has checked back with me several times to make certain that I am still pain-free and I am pleased to tell him “yes.” I would definitely encourage anyone who is in pain or in need of a physical therapist, to do themselves a favor and call Brian right now!”    

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