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Physical Therapy Testimonials

Hear From Our Relieved Clients!

We love hearing from our clients who came to us with a need and came away in better health!

matthew was treated at pinnacle physical therapy


“I reached out to Dr. Murphy through the Chenal Country Club which he is currently aligned with. I was suffering from pain in my right knee while running which had already led to extended downtime. Dr. Murphy assessed my knee as well as other ailments I was experiencing. Within a couple weeks I was running again without any pain! I was very impressed with Dr. Murphy’s knowledge and hands on approach from my treatment. His treatment didn’t stop once our appointments were complete as he would provide personalized home therapy workouts through emails and apps. I have since continued to work with Dr. Murphy on a strength training program and would recommend him to anyone!”


barry is a patient from pinnacle physical therapy


“I am a 52 year old golfer and recently retired Police Lieutenant for 30 years. Until recently I haven’t been able to play golf in 4 years due to thoracic back pain. I have seen several of the so called best pain doctors and physical therapist in Little Rock to no avail. Then one day I got a message through FB from Brian Murphy about his qualifications and care. So I emailed him and told him my story and History. Dr. Murphy saw me and evaluated my entire movements of the body, not just my back. He is by far the best health care giver I’ve ever seen. Never had to wait a minute past my appointment time ( try that at your doctor’s office) and he has me back to playing golf again. I would recommend him to anyone that has chronic pain, or other issues outside of just athletics, like posture issues from being seated at a desk all day to other job related pain issues. Dr. Murphy is a kind and knowledgeable person who cares about you getting better. Go see him, you will be surprised by the level of hands-on care and healing you receive”


kim had a good experience at pinnacle physical therapy


“I recently underwent surgery for a torn meniscus in the left knee. Upon completion of physical therapy at an orthopedic clinic, I discovered that Brian Murphy, who has a doctorate in physical therapy, was available for hire by Chenal Country Club Fitness Center members. I met with Dr. Murphy & he came up with a personalized plan of care after assessing my condition. This involved hands on treatment to the knee as well as home and fitness regimens geared toward the strengthening and mobility of the knee. Measurements of the knee were taken periodically to determine the best protocol necessary to improve the knee function. Dr. Murphy provided excellent care and he was easily accessible through texts and emails. He was kind, conscientious, and patient. He also sent email video demonstrations and detailed instructions for each exercise. I was so pleased with the improvements in my ability to perform my normal daily activities after hiring him. I started a fitness program with him after we finished physical therapy and feel better than ever”

bob was helped at pinnacle physical therapy


“Brian Murphy has helped change my life and at 55 years old that’s a tall task. At the start of this year, I set a goal of losing 20 lbs for the year and committed to exercising for the first time in years. With Brian’s guidance and support I have lost 25 lbs in the first 6 months, set a new goal for weight loss and am in the best shape I have been in 15 years. I have been to other personal trainers and hated every minute. I usually quit within a month. Brian is the trainer at my country club so I thought I would give him a shot. He combines his expertise as a physical therapist and a trainer to customize a plan that works just for me. In addition, My golf fitness and endurance levels have increased to where I am striking the ball harder with more flexibility and am more consistent. Thanks to Brian I am healthier, have a new lifestyle around diet and exercise, and am excited to see how I progress in the future under his guidance.”

dan is a patient at pinnacle physical therapy


“I connected with Dr. Murphy through the Chenal Country Club fitness center, Dr. Murphy recently teamed up with the club to provide personal fitness training. I was looking for some help to get started on an exercise program that was appropriate for my age, condition and that I would not get hurt in the process. We set up weekly appointments to concentrate on key areas of upper body, lower body and core exercises. Dr. Murphy set me up on each exercise with the proper settings and weight amounts week by week. He also helped me with a bum elbow and knee issues through some special exercises that only a skilled physical therapist would know. Throughout my program I received “check in” emails from Dr. Murphy to check on my progress and to be sure that I did not have any questions or issues along the way. The program that he has me on is working; I feel much better, I can move around better, I am sleeping better and even starting to lose a few pounds along the way. Dr. Murphy has been great for me, he is kind and concerned about his patients.”

ireon is a patient at pinnacle physical therapy


“I visited Pinnacle Physical Therapy with an issue I had been having for what seemed to be a lifetime. It was challenging in many ways in my life and sometimes prevented me from doing things I enjoyed. My physician gave me a list of PT places to choose from and so I randomly chose Pinnacle. I thought I’d have to go through a receptionist to set up my appointment but was contacted by the therapist himself (Brian). On my first visit, I was amazed that he had this very personal training facility and only his hands at work on a patient: no techs, no assistants, just him. Brian spent 2 hours with me on my first visit as he worked to discover the cause of my pain-how rare is that(timing)! On my second visit only 3 days later, the exploration continued with a more in depth exam and there it was, the source of my issue. Together, we began working on how to strengthen my body, relieve me of my pain and place me on a path of recovery that I’ve desired for a very long time. After years of pain, It has only taken 5 visits with Brian to discover how to correct and seemingly resolve my pain issue. If you’re looking for personal one on one help for any physical therapy need, I promise this Brian is the one. He’s a very personable young man and extremely accommodating.”



“I injured my shoulder at work. I chose Brian Murphy at Pinnacle Physical Therapy because he had a flexible schedule and could make time to devote his personal attention to my recovery. The care is different from other physical therapy that I’ve received in the past in that he gave me numerous exercises to do at home with detailed instructions that really helped me enjoy a speedy recovery. I’ve been through physical therapy twice for my back, and never got such quality care and personal attention before. Pinnacle offers the best, most effective and holistic methods of treatment. He also fixed my neck pain! I started seeing results improving my condition in less than a week. What a blessing it is that I can now play catch with my son for over two hours, pain-free, without needing a break! I’m so stoked! I couldn’t even buckle my seatbelt, answer a phone, open a door or get in my pocket without severe shoulder pain before I started treatment at Pinnacle Physical Therapy. I will forever recommend Brian Murphy at Pinnacle Physical Therapy to anyone needing treatment for knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, ankle pain, elbow pain, or wrist pain. Thank you so much!”


“I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Murphy after spraining my ankle for the second time in a year. I was beginning training for a triathlon and needed to get my ankle strong quick. Dr. Murphy was able to get me right in and in only 3 visits, with home exercise training, I have been able to train with full recovery of my ankle. He gives very personalized care and checks up with you between visits. He is accessible by text or email at any time there is a question or issue. He provides excellent, personalized care and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Malea & Donovan

“Brian did a superb job treating my 16-year-old son. He injured his back and needed to get better quickly before the end of the baseball season. He was able to relate well to him and give him exercises at home to help the injured area and to prevent future shoulder and back injuries. In between appointments, Brian was checking personally on my son and how he was progressing.”


“Saw Brian for pain down my leg. In ONE session, the pain went away and hasn’t returned 6 months later! He was very caring, professional and took as much time as I required. Highly recommend!!”


“If you are in the market for a Physical Therapist who critically appraises the literature, focuses on functional application through various rehabilitation techniques, and truly understands the anatomical/bio-mechanical aspects related to human movement, than I would highly recommend reaching out to Brain. He is a respected clinician in his field and a true advocate for his patients. I have no doubt he will assist you in reaching your goals.”


“Brian is an excellent physical therapist who really is committed to his patients. He has helped me get through personal injury and get back to triathlon competition. With Brian, you will get a therapist that treats you as a person and not a number. His knowledge of his field is only superseded by his integrity. If you need physical therapy, I highly recommend Brian.”




barry vouches for pinnacle physical therapy


“A friend asked me to join him to help us improve our golf game. At 67, I thought, right. When I found out it involved balance, stretching, and conditioning I was certainly not sure. However, after meeting Brian, understanding his knowledge of the game and being a Physical Therapist I made a great choice to enter the program. Brian made it fun, enjoyable and he held back from laughing at me especially when I was working on balance stances. I highly recommend Brain, not only for this program but for any Physical Therapy needs you might have."

ryan is a happy patient of pinnacle physical therapy


“I chose Dr. Murphy because of his passion and expertise in rehab/prehab specifically for golfers. As an avid (and competitive) golfer who has struggled through some injuries and surgery, I was eager to get my body back into its best possible shape for golf. His use of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screenings and singularly committed approach has me on my way to being the most mobile and strong (and pain free!) I've ever been in just 2 months time. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Pinnacle Physical Therapy.”

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