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SI Joint Pain Therapy

SI Joint Pain Treatment

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The sacroiliac joint (SI joint) connects the spine to the pelvis and provides support for the lower back and pelvic bones. A painful SI joint can cause discomfort in the low back, buttock, and groin areas when walking or moving. While there are many treatments that can help SI joint pain, only one has shown evidence of providing lasting relief and that’s physical therapy.

What Causes SI Joint Pain?

Most cases of SI joint pain are attributed to a problem with either of these two structures: The sacroiliac joint (which connects your lower spine to your pelvis) and/or one or more sacroiliac ligaments (which connect bone to bone in the SI joint). By working with licensed physical therapists, you can learn how to properly treat an overactive or underactive SI joint.

What Are the Symptoms of SI Joint Pain?

The symptoms of SI joint pain are often mild. Symptoms may include aching, tenderness or stiffness that is usually on one side of your body. You may feel these symptoms after sitting or standing for long periods of time, or when you bend or twist in certain ways.

How is SI Joint Pain Treated With Physical Therapy?

The main goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain and increase function by treating associated issues, such as trigger points or muscle imbalances, which may cause further SI joint pain. 

Patients will be encouraged to take a more active role in their treatment to help improve overall function, strength and endurance of their muscles surrounding their SI joints.

How Pinnacle Physical Therapy Can Help

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Pinnacle Physical Therapy offers a number of treatment options for sacroiliac joint pain. Our physical therapists are knowledgeable in treating SI joint pain and offers a number of treatments to reduce symptoms, including manual therapy, movement instruction, muscle stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as home exercise programs. 

Call Pinnacle Physical Therapy today at (501) 529-2010 to schedule an appointment with one of our PT’s.

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