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Our Physical Therapy Videos

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Get a glimpse of our programs in living color with our videos on a variety of topics about our holistic healing center.

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Pinnacle Physical Therapy

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Helpful Videos

Check out our library of videos with tips and exercises to help you stay fit and pain free!

pinnacle physical therapy brian why wont pain go away video
Why Won’t the Pain Go Away?
Primary care physician vs. Physical therapist?
The importance of water from Dr Brian Murphy (physical therapist)

Common PT Myths

Dispel some of the most common physical therapy myths with these helpful videos.

Myth # 1: Physical Therapists are just rehabilitation specialists
Myth # 2 : Physical Therapist's Schooling
dr brian murphy in a pinnacle physical therapy youtube video
Myth # 3 : Frontline Providers
Myth #4 What is Physical Therapy?

Dr. B, Can You Help Me?

Dr. B Can Treat Your Whole Body!
Chenal Dr. B, do I need a referral?

Why choose Pinnacle Physical Therapy?

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