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Pinched Nerve in Neck Treatment

Do I Have a Pinched Nerve in My Neck?

Symptoms, Causes, & Physical Therapy Treatment

It can be difficult to diagnose pinched nerves in the neck, as many of the symptoms are similar to those of other conditions and injuries, including cervical spondylosis (wear and tear on your neck’s vertebrae), whiplash, lumbar radiculopathy (pinched nerve), fibromyalgia, herniated disc, and migraine headaches.

Pinched nerves are sometimes difficult to treat without surgery, but physical therapy treatment can improve mobility and reduce pain. The following will explain what a pinched nerve in the neck is, what causes it, and how it can be treated to relieve pain.

What is a pinched nerve?

Pinching of a nerve anywhere along its pathway from your brain to your extremities (arms, legs) will cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. The most common symptom is pain radiating from one body part to another—from neck pain to shoulder pain, for example.

Common causes of pinched nerves

A pinched nerve can be caused by improper positioning of a joint or muscle. In many cases, it occurs when two bones are rubbing against each other due to worn cartilage or stiffness.

A pinched nerve can also occur if one has suffered an injury to his or her neck region. In these instances, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to avoid further injury, which could lead to paralysis.

Pinching nerves at various points along your spine can result in pain radiating down your arms and into your hands.

How do you treat a pinched nerve in the neck?

A pinched nerve usually goes away on its own. In some cases it doesn’t go away and gets worse causing more pain.

If your pinched nerve has not gone away within 2 weeks, you should visit your physical therapist to make sure you are not doing anything to make it worse

While waiting for treatment you should start an exercise plan to help reduce pain brought on by poor posture. We can help you come up with one that is right for you.

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