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Get Back to Doing What You Enjoy!

Get Back to Doing What You Enjoy!

live pain free with pinnacle physical therapy

Pain Free

You may be used to it, but you don’t have to live with pain.

enjoy life again with a pinnacle physical therapist care

Enjoy Life

Don't let pain keep you from doing the things you enjoy!

road to recovery with pinnacle physical therapy care

Road to

Discover the root cause of your pain and work toward recovery.

prevent and recover from injury with pinnacle physical therapy treatment

Prevent/Recover From Injury

Not only can you recover from
many injuries, but you can even prevent them.

Full-Body Evaluation

pinnacle physical therapist provides wellness evaluation

Wellness Evaluation

Full body assessment to look at your body and start a course of preventative care.

injury evaluation from pinnacle physical therapy

Injury Evaluation

Full body assessment to look at all the body factors contributing to your current injury/impairment.

pinnacle physical therapist can help sport performance

Sports Performance Evaluation

Full body assessment to look at all the body factors that are limiting you from your best game, no matter the kind of athlete.


Our Relieved Clients



Google Reviews

brett pinnacle physical therapy patient testimonial

Brett B

"I started with Brian Murphy for a meniscus tear rehab post surgery. My rehab went great thanks to Brian. All the exercises and stretching combined with Brians knowledge of the body was extremely beneficial. If you have to have rehab for anything Brian is incredibly well trained and his enthusiasm for what he does is contagious. It makes a big difference when you are going through rehab."

pinnacle physical therapy customer testimonial ryan

Ryan E.

"His use of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screenings and singularly committed approach has me on my way to being the most mobile and strong (and pain free!) I've ever been in just 2 months time. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Pinnacle Physical Therapy."

Active & Healthy

A Whole Person Approach

At Pinnacle we focus on providing the highest quality one-on-one care with no help from untrained technicians or aides. Our team of physical therapy specialists will work with you 1:1 every visit, and that is our promise. With this type of attention, our patients get better outcomes in a shorter amount of time.


increase mobility round with pinnacle physical therapy

Increase Mobility

improve posture round with pinnacle physical therapy

Improve Posture

decrease muscle tension with pinnacle physical therapy

Decrease Muscle Tension

relieve headaches with pinnacle physical therapy

Relieve Headaches

improve balance with pinnacle physical therapy

Improve Balance

increase strength with pinnacle physical therapy

Increase Strength

reduce pain with pinnacle physical therapy

Reduce Pain

improve blood flow with pinnacle physical therapy

Improve Blood Flow

reduce stress with pinnacle physical therapy

Reduce Stress

Meet Dr. Murphy

Brian Murphy DPT, OCS, ATC, PES, Level II Medical TPI

Dr. Brian Murphy is the owner of Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Little Rock. He takes a holistic approach to evaluate your whole body to get to the root cause of the issue. He loves to see his patients take advantage of pain and disability and come out with a plan that transforms their lives through investing in what he called the "buckets of health". Those buckets are cardiovascular health (aerobic exercise like walking, biking, or using an elliptical machine) strength (weight training, yoga, pilates, and other forms of movement) balance, flexibility, and movement coordination.

Dr. Murphy's vision for the future is to create a facility where patients come from all around to be treated as a whole patient. They will receive guidance from a dietician, mental health professional, physical therapist, and various experts in different forms of movement like yoga, pilates, and mindfulness techniques that help reduce stress and help improve sleep and rest. This is the way health is meant to be delivered! We will use a team based approach of licensed professionals to drive true change and transform our patients lives. Our patients will walk the journey with our team as their coaches, cheerleaders, and educators to guarantee our outcomes!

Discovery Visit

Here is your opportunity to talk with our PT specialists to get to know us and make sure we can help you achieve your goals! It is also a chance for our team to make sure you are a good fit for what we do and that we know we can help you.

Evaluate your condition with a $49 Discovery!

During your discovery visit, you will discover...

  1. An explanation of what is going on. From a PT’s perspective there is a root cause of why pain or limitation is present.
  2. Can a PT help you with the issue you have?
  3. How long will it take to see results?
  4. What will it cost?
  5. What you can start doing at home to speed up your recovery.
golf ball near hole on course

Golf Health

Brian Murphy is a knowledgeable physical therapist and a Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Medical Provider. This skillset allows him to repair injuries and treat pain while helping you improve your game.

woman with tootache

TMJ Therapy

Specialized forms of physical therapy target the relief of TMJ pain, increasing range of motion and improving comfort and mobility.

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