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Game, Set, Match!

Whether you’re the competitive type or you just enjoy hitting the ball with friends in the fresh air, our physical therapy and educational materials can help you stay safe, pain free, and competitive while out on the court.

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  • Prevent Injury

    Getting ahead of an injury is always the best way to go. Read our materials below to learn the best movements and exercises to prevent injuries before they happen.

  • Recover from Injury

    You’ve heard of tennis elbow, but there are plenty of injuries that will benefit from the capable hands of a physical therapist.

  • Reduce Pain

    Say goodbye to awful pain holding your game back. You may think you need to live with it. But that’s not true!

  • Improve Performance

    If you’re tired of being in last place or you play competitively and want to maximize your performance, we’ve got you covered!

Enhance Your Tennis Game!

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Come in and see us so we can get to know you and what you need for healing,
pain relief, or performance.

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eBooks: Tennis Therapy

Better Body, Better Game

Maintain your tennis body at home with these Ebooks written by Dr. Murphy! Just sign up to receive your FREE download!

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Foot & Ankle

Hand & Wrist

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