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Shoulder Impingement Treatment

Dealing With Shoulder Impingement

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When you have shoulder impingement, normal activities like catching a ball, reaching a top shelf, and even changing your shirt can bring you pain. We understand when you’re in pain, you’re not yourself. This is why Pinnacle Physical Therapy will work with you to bring you holistic healing without medication, injections, or surgery. 

Understanding Shoulder Impingement

Impingement occurs when your shoulder rotator cuff muscles and tendons are pinched against your shoulder blade by one of 3 structures: your acromion (the outside edge of your shoulder blade), coracoacromial ligament (connects your collarbone to your shoulder blade), or part of your rotator cuff. 

When all is functioning as it should, there’s plenty of room for everything in its place, making impingement a rare occurrence. So what can lead to impingement? Injury, inflammation, wear-and-tear over time—or a combination of these factors—can cause an increase in tightness that narrows the space between your rotator cuff and bone.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

In most cases, shoulder impingement can be resolved through physical therapy. You’ll undergo a comprehensive series of exercises that focus on improving your posture and range of motion while reducing or eliminating symptoms such as pain and weakness.

As you progress through these exercises, you’ll also learn how to avoid future injuries by strengthening weak muscles and correcting poor movement patterns. This approach is known as prehabilitation, meaning it helps prevent injuries before they occur.

Treat Your Own Shoulder

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Why choose Pinnacle Physical Therapy?

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Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Little Rock, AR is a great place to get started on a path to pain-free living! Our goal is to help you recover your physical independence by working together in a comfortable, supportive, and encouraging environment. No matter what stage of recovery you are in or how long it has been since your injury, we can help. You will always be our # 1 priority. You will never be double booked with another patient. You get all of your therapists time and expertise.

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