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Tired of back pain when you sit down? How about pain between your shoulder blades? We get it! Mid back pain can feel like a burning or stabbing sensation, or a dull, never-ending ache. You don’t have to live with this pain, however! With Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Little Rock, we can pinpoint the root of your pain and design solutions personalized to you.

What is Mid
back Pain?

Mid back pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems including trauma, poor posture, muscle strains, arthritis, and more. This pain is most noticed when sitting down, when lifting arms, and also when performing repetitive tasks in front of your body like doing dishes.

How Can We Help?

To treat your mid back pain, Pinnacle Physical Therapy would learn about your medical history and set up a personalized plan for you!

Get a Full Body Evaluation

Get started on your mid back care by scheduling a full body evaluation! Your PT will take a thorough history, analyze your movements, and educate you on their findings to create a holistic healing plan for you.

Understanding Your Mid back Pain

During your first visit, your physical therapist will work to pinpoint the cause of your mid back pain instead of simply treating your symptoms.

Treating Your Mid back Pain

After determining the cause of your pain, our physical therapists will develop a custom plan that takes into account your goals and what your pain is keeping you from doing.

On-Going Care

To aid in-clinic visits, your physical therapist will create a set of exercises and stretches, which can be completed at home to help you meet your goals.

Common Mid back Conditions

Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder blade pain is normally a dull, aching pain caused by stress, workout injuries, or muscle strain.

Pain from Sitting

When you sit for extended periods of time, usually at work, your upper back is in a rounded position which strains the joints and muscles of your upper back leading to pain.

Burning in Mid Back

A variety of issues can cause a burning sensation in your mid back, most commonly consisting of muscle sprains, strains, poor posture, sports injuries, and more.


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’While working on my back issue, I mentioned that I had trouble because I have vertigo. I have had it for about 20 years. He said “I can fix that”.  My vertigo is gone, and it is like I have a new way of life!

I met Brian  Murphy because he has started expanding his business to the Chenal Country Club fitness center. I am having back surgery in December and feel it is very important that I get stronger before my surgery. He was the perfect person for me to work with. He was very concerned that we target areas that will improve my strength before the surgery but yet not hurt my back in the process. He is very knowledgeable but I think his main attribute is that he is concerned, easy to work with and extremely  encouraging.  While working on my back issue, I mentioned that I had trouble because I have  vertigo. I have had it for about 20 years. He said “I can fix that”. I had a procedure done about 25 years ago to work on it but I thought at this point I was just going to live with it the rest of my life. We set up an appointment and through his maneuver that holds your head in a certain position, the crystals that are out of line flow back into the inner ear.  It only took about 10 minutes, is pain-free, and then he gave  me specific instructions on how to move around for the next two days. My vertigo is gone, and it is like I have a new way of life!  He has truly changed my life, and I will forever be grateful. He kept following up with me every day to see how I was doing, and it’s rare now to feel that a doctor is that concerned with your well-being and your outcome. I would highly recommend him for both physical therapy and definitely if you have benign positional vertigo. He is great."

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"Hands down, one of the best experiences I've ever had with a doctor.

For a bit of a background, I'm a 23 year old IT guy and have been one for about 5 years, so my job has me sitting quite a lot. Also, I injured my back quite badly about a year ago, and for 9 months I was unable to do any of the fun physical activities I used to do (climbing, running, going to the gym, etc) due to extreme sciatic pain. I simply couldn't extend my left leg at all and couldn't bend over to pick anything up. I was beginning to lose hope that I'd ever get better. I tried Chiropractic care, which DID help, but I was so weak that the results of the treatments wouldn't stick due to being immobilized for so long. Without muscle, bones simply won't stay in the proper position.

Going to PT at Pinnacle helped me build my body back up to the point of being able to do everything I used to do on a regular basis, and now I've even started to go to a gym again! After the first visit, we both figured that it would take a very long time to treat this problem as the pain was so great and my mobility was so hindered, but due to his hard work and dedication I ended up gaining a lot of my mobility back just after 3 visits, which caught us both by surprise.

As of today (visit #5, about a month and a half into PT) I am able to move like I used to, and in some ways even better than before. It's amazing to finally have my life back after the most annoying and painful year in my life. Please give him a try if you're in any pain, I know it can be intimidating if you haven't done this before, but you won't regret it."

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