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​​Hip Impingement Therapy

​​Hip Impingement

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The hip joint has three bones that make up the ball and socket. The femur or thigh bone can impinge on the acetabulum, causing severe pain and limited range of motion. Fortunately, there are many effective hip impingement treatments you can receive from your physical therapist to help you recover quickly from this injury. Learn more about hip impingement and physical therapy as an option for treatment.

What Causes Hip Impingements?

Muscles and connective tissue surrounding the hip joint can become inflamed, causing bursitis. This is commonly known as hip bursitis. When a hip impingement develops in someone who has a pre-existing hip condition, such as bursitis or arthritis, it often becomes more painful. It's not uncommon for a patient to develop both conditions at once. The tendons and muscles surrounding our hips hold them in place and allow us to move them through their full range of motion.

What Are The Symptoms of Hip Impingement?

The most common symptom of hip impingement is groin and/or hip pain. Hip impingement symptoms may not appear until you are 30 or 40 years old and could continue for many years without a proper diagnosis. The most severe cases of hip impingement can cause serious damage, if left untreated. Hip impingement can eventually lead to arthritis in later life if not treated at an early stage.

How is Hip Impingement Treated With Physical Therapy?

Hip impingement is a condition causing pain in and around the hip joint. There are different types of hip impingement (pincer, cam, femoroacetabular impingement) and each type affects people differently. 

Some people have no symptoms while others cannot complete daily activities such as walking up stairs or sitting for long periods of time. Treatments may include physical therapy or weight loss if appropriate.

How Pinnacle Physical Therapy Can Help

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At Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Little Rock, Dr. Brian Murphy and his team can help you find relief from hip impingement. To learn more about our methods or to schedule an appointment, call (501) 529-2010 today.

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