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Treat Burning in Mid Back

What Causes Burning in the Mid Back?

Physical Therapy Can Help!

If you are experiencing burning in your mid back, you are not alone. As many as 50% of people experience pain in this area at some point in their lives. At Pinnacle, we can help you answer the questions of: Why does the mid back burn? What causes it to burn? And how can physical therapy help to relieve it? 

There are Many Reasons for Burning Sensations in the Mid Back

Shearing or rubbing, irritation of nerves by something touching them, inflammation or injury to muscles or ligaments all cause burning sensations. Whatever it is, you will want to see a physical therapist if your mid back pain is persistent and prevents you from living your life as normally as possible. 

When left untreated, nerve damage may result which can seriously impact your quality of life. With physical therapy though, many people find relief without surgery and experience a quicker recovery than they would otherwise have had.

Is There Treatment for Mid Back Burning Pain?

Before you begin searching for causes of mid back pain, you should consult one of our physical therapists to rule out any serious injuries. Once that’s done, it’s likely you could benefit from physical therapy to address what’s causing your discomfort. 

From there, we can guide you through exercises designed to relieve and help prevent these recurring issues. Whether it’s an injury or a strained muscle that causes the problem, we can help you find relief.

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