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Hip Labral Tears Therapy

Hip Labral Tears

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

A labral tear in the hip can be devastating, both in terms of time lost from pain and also time lost from not being able to participate in normal life activities that you love to do, like running or going on hikes with your friends and family. However, with physical therapy, labral tears can often be treated successfully, with only minor and temporary setbacks. 

What Causes Hip Labral Tears?

Hip labral tears can develop after a sudden injury, such as falling and hitting your hip on a hard surface, or can gradually wear away at your hip joint over time. Age, weight gain and occupational activities are also common factors in developing a hip labral tear. Hip labral tears usually don’t require surgery if they’re caught early on. But if left untreated for too long, these injuries will eventually require arthroscopic surgery to fix them. Our goal is to keep you away from invasive options like this!

What are the Symptoms of a Hip Labral Tear?

Symptoms of a hip labral tear include constant hip pain, joint popping and clicking, groin pain and muscle weakness or numbness. Hip labral tears can be located either in front of or behind your acetabulum (the socket at your hips where your thigh bone sits). 

The symptoms vary depending on which part of your labrum is torn, but since both locations are connected through soft tissue surrounding your joint, there isn’t much difference in how you should approach treatment.

How is Hip Labral Tear Treated With Physical Therapy?

Once you’ve been diagnosed with a hip labral tear, physical therapy is an important part of your treatment. The goals of physical therapy are to reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion in your hip joint and strengthen muscles around your hip joint. A physical therapist will also help you to improve your balance and coordination so you can return to normal activities as quickly as possible.

How Pinnacle Physical Therapy Can Help

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Pinnacle Physical Therapy is a leading physical therapy center located in Little Rock. If you have been recently diagnosed with a hip labral tear, our team can help. Our goal is not only to get our patients pain free and back to full function quickly, but to help them reach every physical goal they have and teach them tools to keep the pain away for the long term.

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