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Some patients come to Pinnacle after trying several other treatment options for chronic pain issues. We offer a pain neuroscience education approach to help them better understand and manage symptoms—and get back to living.

What is Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE)?

PNE typically involves a series of sessions, either in a one-on-one or group setting, in which individuals learn about the neurophysiology of pain, the various factors that can influence pain perception, and how pain can affect the nervous system and other parts of the body. PNE may also involve discussing the psychological and social factors contributing to chronic pain, such as stress, anxiety, and social isolation. PNE offers several benefits.

  • Improved Understanding of Pain

  • Reduced Fear & Anxiety

  • Improved Pain Management

  • Better Treatment Outcomes

Will Pain Neuroscience Education Help Me?

PNE may be particularly beneficial for individuals who have tried other treatments for chronic pain, such as medication or physical therapy, without significant improvement in their symptoms. PNE can help individuals better understand the complex nature of pain and how it can be influenced by factors such as stress, emotions, and lifestyle. By gaining a deeper understanding of pain, individuals may be better equipped to manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.

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How Can We Help?

Chronic pain doesn’t have to control your life. Pinnacle will work to educate you about the neuroscience behind your pain, enabling you to manage pain more effectively.


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Dr. Booe

“I am a medical provider and researched therapy options…[Brian] is very intelligent, compassionate, communicative, approachable, and very understanding. I am very grateful to him for what he has done for me.”

“I have a complex spine condition which has been fairly asymptomatic over the years. About 10 months ago, I started having chronic symptom manifestations of the condition. This required neurologic as well as neurosurgical consultation in order to confirm that the spine was indeed causing these ongoing aggravating symptoms. I am a medical provider and researched therapy options. My close friend and colleague (as well as his wife) had used Pinnacle Physical Therapy (Brian Murphy) with very good results and in turn strongly recommended PPT(Brian). I self-referred myself in hopes that he could help me. This turned out to be a very good move! Brian spent long periods of time taking my history as well as evaluating my symptoms. He initiated a physical therapy program that helped my spine condition and returned my physical status to what it was before the PT was started. Again, I must reiterate  that this was after MONTHS of ongoing chronic symptoms. I am so very pleased with my results with what Brian has done for me. Brian is the ultimate professional. He is very intelligent, compassionate,  communicative,  approachable,  and very understanding. I am very grateful to him for what he has done for me. I would STRONGLY recommend him to all who seek physical therapy for their medical conditions which require such intervention.”     

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