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Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Golf Game

If you’re a golfer, you know the golf swing is a very complex movement that requires the body to have strength, power, flexibility, balance, mobility, motor control, and stability.

What better practitioner to seek treatment from than a Physical Therapist who is TPI Medical II certified?

What is TPI?

TPI is the world’s premier player development center located in Oceanside California. They offer advanced equipment fitting methods, detailed swing analysis, and science based player conditioning.

TPI has also been doing research on thousands of golfers to find what swing characteristics are optimal and which ones lead to injury. Not only do they look at the swing but they have coined the term body-swing connection.

They teach medical professionals how to assess the golfers whole body to determine if there are physical limitations that are leading to current or eventual injury, are bleeding power from their swing, or are not optimal to play their best golf.

The TPI Screen

The TPI screen is made up of 16 specific assessments that are correlated with a players ability to make an optimum swing. The skill of your Physical Therapist at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in this specific assessment along with his past experience allows Brian to formulate a plan to attack your limitations.

You no longer have to be playing golf in pain!

A quote by one of the best swing coaches in the business sums it up well.

“If you are in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory.” – Butch Harmon

For help with your golf game, contact Pinnacle Physical Therapy at (501) 746-0140.

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