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Get Back to Doing What You Enjoy!

Get Back to Doing What You Enjoy!

How Do I Get Rid of My Back Pain?

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Get Help

Making the decision to get help is the first step to being pain free!

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Find the Root Cause

Pain relief begins with finding its source. Only then can you get the right treatment.

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Get Physical Therapy

Hands on Physical Therapy provides proven results for back pain.

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Corrective Exercises

Our team will create a specific exercise plan to help relieve and maintain your back pain.

Set Up Your Discovery Visit

Let us help you live with less frustration, worry and pain, and get back to feeling awesome again.  Please keep in mind that the $25 Discovery Visit cost will be used towards your first evaluation!

How Do I Get Rid of My Back Pain?

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Wellness Evaluation

Full body assessment to look at your body and start a course of preventative medicine.

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Injury Evaluation

Full body assessment to look at all the body factors that are contributing to your current injury/impairment.

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Sports Performance Evaluation

Full body assessment to look at all the body factors that are limiting you from your best game, no matter the kind of athlete.

Hands-On Physical Therapy

Pinnacle Physical Therapy utilizes a holistic approach to our hands-on physical therapy treatments. You may already have a diagnosis for your back pain, and you're looking for a non-invasive, medication-free method of treatment.

Or, you may not know the reason, and you need someone to find the root of the problem and find a natural solution.

There are also plenty of ways to get relief at home! To learn more, read our Free Ebook!

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5 Quick Easy Ways
to Stop Low Back Pain

Naturally Without the Need for Medications, Injections, or Surgery

Meet Dr. Murphy

Brian Murphy DPT, OCS, ATC, PES, TPI Level 2 Medical 

Dr. Brian Murphy is the owner of Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Little Rock. He focuses on helping people who are in pain get back to doing their hobbies and interests. He does this through non-invasive techniques that avoid medications, injections and surgery.


"I saw Dr. Murphy after experiencing some low back pain associated with certain movements/exercises. He really listened to me and helped me make adjustments where necessary and gave me exercises to incorporate into my daily routine to ensure that I can exercise pain free!"

Aislinn Andrews


Why Do I Still Have Back Pain?

  • You thought it would go away on its own.

  • You thought it was old age and just accepted it.

  • You figured a massage would help, but the pain came back.

  • You tried medication, only to receive temporary relief.

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Live Pain Free

You may be used to it,
but you don't have to live with pain.

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Enjoy Life Again

Pain doesn't have to be a way of life. Get back to what you enjoy.

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Road to Recovery

Discover the root cause of your pain and work toward recovery.

prevent and recover from injury with pinnacle physical therapy treatment

Prevent/Recover From Injury

Not only can you recover from many injuries, but you can even prevent them.

End Back Pain With No Medication!

Live pain free so you can get back to doing what you enjoy!

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